Time to pick myself up and get this done!

Hi guys sorry for not posting for a while.

Admittedly I’ve had a terrible time of slimming world since April. My head has not been in it at all. I’ve been so up and down. Loose, gain cycle. 

Today I had a very unexpected 2lb loss. I didn’t deserve it! I had already decided this week I was going to do it! But that loss really spurred me on to do well this week.

The plan?

Well I have meal planned every meal, something of which I never do! I normally only plan evening meals but I’ve planned breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of this week. Every day in my journal is already filled out so all I have to write down is syns and some Healthy Extras. 

I also plan to have all of or upto my 15 syns a day. In the hope I feel fuller and not deprived. 

This week I am determined I can’t keep up this loose gain cycle anymore!

Wish me luck!

Sarah x


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