A few changes…

On the 25th January 2017 I decided to stop drinking cows milk. This was after watching sugar free farm the night before. Where I discovered a shocking fact…

Now this might sound really dumb but I genuinely never knew.

I discovered that a cows right to breastfeed their calf is taken away! So that all of their milk can come to us.

As a breastfeeding mother this really hit a nerve for me. I’d hate if someone came to me and said you’re not breasfeeding your daughter, but we will use your milk for our benefit.

So I’ve now been free from drinking cows milk since the end of January and I’m still going strong. 

My next challenge is to change my yoghurts to dairy free ones.

I have become vegetarian before but I think I tackled it to quickly and I nolonger am so I think doing little steps like this will help me become vegetarian again but if I’m doing it slower, I should hopefully be able to keep it up.

But for now I’m nearly 2 month in on not drinking cows milk which I’m chuffed about. 


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