At long last an award!

Hi guys so Monday I finally got an award on my new slimming world membership.  (this is my 3rd) 

October to December I messed about so much!

Lose gain, lose gain cycle sucks.

January 1st came though and I vowed to get my head in the game! And I did. I lost 5lbs (that’s after 3 birthday’s in 1 week) got slimmer of the week and my half stone award (again) putting my total weight loss since very first joining slimming world on April 2015 to 4 stone 3.5lbs and I’ve had a baby in that time as well who is now 8 months old. Here she is now

On top of all that my weight from January 1st to February 1st has dropped 13.5lbs and my inches have also dropped 13.5inches!

I’m chuffed!

But if that wasn’t enough me and my husband where then voted the couple of the year. So thrilled!


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