New year, New me!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

I am going to try and dedicate to my blogging more this year. As well as my Slimming  World journey.

As you know from my last post I rejoined Slimming World for the 3rd time in October but this time with my husband in toe. 

So far it’s been up, down, up, down. Loosing then gaining, loosing then gaining.  For both me and my husband, and on this new Slimming World profile I’ve not even reach half a stone award yet! Which is bringing me down, even more so because I wish I hadn’t rejoined as a new member and wish I’d kept my old profile, as I’m now chasing awards I’ve already received before. And up until Christmas I was at almost 4 stone loss in total. But I can’t change that now. I need to treat this new profile as a new chapter in my weight loss.

Speaking of Christmas we had a wonderful one. It was Scarlett’s first Christmas, bless her. And we definitely did not stay on plan! 

Joshua and Dylan opening their presents 💙

Scarlett in her Christmas outfit 💖

I was off plan from a few days before Christmas to new years eve 🙈 resulting in a 7lb weight gain when I went to group on Monday! Which honestly I am happy with as it was over 2 weighin’s (I missed the one right after Christmas) and I ate whatever I wanted. But in all seriousness it’s time for the weight to go!
New years eve I purchased myself a new fitness DVD

Scarlett’s SuperSlim Me Plan 💖

Which I road tested on Sunday, and I can’t wait to get better at it!

I also set some aims for the year. 

And now? Well it’s time to smash it of cause. No more up, down, up, down. Just results! 

Thanks for reading.

Love Sarah x


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