Happy to be back

So yesterday morning me and my husband went down to my old group to join Slimming World together.

I’ve been looking forward to being back for a while and as always evenyone was lovely.

Weighed in and I am now 4.5lbs away from 4 stone loss altogether since April 2015. I am really hoping I will reach it next week! 

So how did yesterday look?

Chocolate orange porridge. Yum!

Breakfast was 40g oats with whole milk, 14g raisins, orange and 1 tsp chocolate shot.

Alpen light topped muller light

In group I had 1 hi fi bar then when I got home I had an alpen light topped muller.

Iceland Slimming World chicken and chorizo paella with added broccoli

A very late lunch was Iceland Slimming World chicken and chorizo paella which I added broccoli to for speed.

Quorn mince veg packed chilli jacket

Dinner was a throw together very filling quorn chilli Jacket. I also had a snack of  apple and watermelon before dinner.

Syns yesterday where 2.5 I was going to try and have the required at least 5 syns, but I was so full after dinner I couldn’t manage anything else.

Healthy extras yesterday where:

A – 175mls whole milk X3

A – 30g cheese

B – 1 hi fi bar 1 alpen light

B – 40g oats

I get 6 healthy extras because my baby is 4 months old and I am breastfeeding.


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