Not keen to wean!

On the 27th September Scarlett turned 4 months old. I weaned both my boys at this age, but I am terrified to wean Scarlett.

Scarlett is our rainbow baby and is that bit more precious. I worry about EVERYTHING. I’ve done this twice before but I worry so much more with Scarlett.

I have said I want to try and wait till the 6 months. She’s very keen at this stage. Eyeing up our food. Trying to grab our food. But I don’t want to mistake that for curiosity. 

I was pointed towards baby led weaning, which makes sense to try considering I do baby lead breast feeding. I came across this page about Baby lead weaning which I found a great read. I felt like a weight was slightly lifted.

I’ve only ever done weaning starting with baby food cartons/jars or fresh blended vegetables. So the finger food stuff came after at 6 months.

With my boys it was completely different. They were on hungry baby milk as they were very hungry, breast feeding had ceased weeks before due to feeding problems which I have learnt since having Scarlett it was down to them both having tongue tie. My boys needed early weaning.  But Scarlett seems to be getting on fine with the breast milk.

Going to keep trying to wait as long as I can. Wish me luck!


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