Where is my happy baby?

Hi guys so I wanted to become more proactive with my blog and what better time then when I’m tied down to the sofa for the hundredth time feeding. Ha!

Scarlett is 17 weeks old tomorrow. She’s been what I’d describe as a perfect baby slowly working upto sleeping through the night, napping in the day, quite and happy. 

The last few days it’s been like someone has let a bomb off. She’s either hardly napping or like today not napping at all. Nap’s that she has had where one or two at about 30 minutes. But today nothing, nada, zilch! 

She’s crying ALOT more 😦 even when picked up. She can scream till she’s hyperventilating. Not seen her like this before. Feeding is all that calms her down. But can she be that hungry? To feed almost all day with minimal breaks in between (she’s breastfeed)

I keep thinking maybe it’s another growth spurt and she’s trying to get my milk upto what she needs. I keep thinking is she really hungry and thats why she’s screaming. I know she’s very over tired. 

Hate seeing my gorgeous girl like this 😦 hopefully be a better day tomorrow…


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