Week 6 Back at Slimming World 

Hello guys! So this week is the start of week 6 at slimming world. When I joined back at slimming world my focus was not weight loss initially. I mainly joined back so I could ensure, I was getting the right nutrition because I am breastfeeding. Now though I want to focus on the weight loss a little more. Because I’ve not focused the weight has been up and down.

Last week I had a 2lb loss after gaining 5lbs the previous week. After last week’s session and discovering there’s a recipe book I could get for free, for being slimmer of the week, I set my heart on getting slimmer of the week and I did it!

2.5lbs off this week got me slimmer of the week and the new book. I am so happy! It brings my weight loss so far to 1.5lbs which I need to ensure gets better now. 

Weight wise it’s took me down to X stone 1.5lbs (I’m not ready to disclose the stones now) so my target for this week that I want to reach next week is 1.5lbs loss so I can enter a new weight category.

Over all though my weight loss from my first time at Slimming World last year is 3 stone 0.5lbs.


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