Syn free Red onion and garlic dip

Hay guys! Quick recipe time 🙂

So on Monday I will be going to my first ever taster session at Slimming World, I’ve always avoided them as I hate situations like that, but I feel much more comfortable in group now so I am quite looking forward to it.

So the last few days have been a mission to think about what I am going to do. I tried one recipe but it didn’t turn out very well. So it was back the the drawing board. Then I decided to make life easier for myself and make a dip. With a young baby to look after which can I just squeeze in Scarlett is 6 weeks old today!

Aww just look at her she’s my precious little princess.

Anyway back to it lol!

My red onion and garlic dip. Which is syn free, speedy and super speedy if served with salad sticks.

This made enough for 2 people and filled a kids size bowl so for taster I think I will double the amount.
Based on serving 2 you will need:


1 red onion.

3 galic cloves, pressed in a garlic crusher.

1/2 tsp white wine vinegar.

A few big scoops of fat free natural yoghurt.





Finely chop the red onion. And add to a pan on a high heat with Frylight.

Peel the garlic and add to a galic crusher and crush straight into the pan. Lower the heat slightly as to not burn the garlic.

Once cooked add the white wine vinegar which will slightly deglaze the pan.

Tip the mix into a bowl. Spoon over the yoghurt and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with chopped salad sticks, I used celery, cucumber and pepper and sit back and enjoy!


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