Wee little update

Yesterday Scarlett turned 5 weeks old! Time is going by so fast. 

I breastfeed Scarlett but have been having a lot of difficulty. Scarlett has been struggling to gain weight and at 3 weeks old I was told to introduce 1 bottle a day to help weight and her hydration. By the middle of week 3 I was told I needed to give her top up formula after every feed. I have been told there’s no issues and basically it’s my fault I have low supply. But on Thursday the day before she turned 5 weeks I was seen by an infant feeding specialist instead of breastfeeding support who looked Scarlett over properly and told us she does in fact have a tongue tie and a ridged pallet which is why my supply has decreased. Breastfeeding support swore blind she didn’t.  Their judgement was made because she could stick her tongue out they never looked her over properly. They never examined her mouth like this specialist who actually got her fingers in her mouth etc. 

Plan of action now. Scarlett has been referred to have a procedure to correct the tongue tie which the appointment could take upto 5 weeks. In the meantime I need to try and pick my supply up with regular expressing. I really want to continue breastfeeding and if this is what we need to do to continur then it’s got to be done. Have a lot of research to do now and information to gather but at least we have some answers.

I will need to get Scarlett weighed every week now to keep an eye on her weight. But fingers crossed for the rest of our breastfeeding journey.


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