A new chapter in my life 

Hello Sarah here.  I apologise I haven’t committed to my blog for a long time!!!

What’s been going on with me? Well me and my husband found out the wonderful news that we was expecting our 3rd child.

The pregnancy had its ups and downs which resulted in my vegetarian journey needing to come to an end 😦 I also was made to stop slimming world at 30 weeks.

Throughout pregnancy I gained 9.5lbs. After birth I lost that straight away. 3 weekly weigh ins later I was 28lbs down 🙂 I am now back at slimming world this is week 4 now. I put on 5lbs on Monday but I’ve been having a rubbish time with breastfeeding due to supply issues and so called breastfeeding support being useless. I’ve gone into more details on my instagram @transforming_sarah

So yes on the 27th May I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter Scarlett Francesca May. She’s now 4 weeks old and we are all just besotted with her.

As an end note I will leave you with some photos of my gorgeous princess and my new family. Be back soon!


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