Day 6

Hello again guys. Today has been so busy. So much in fact I didn’t have lunch till 4pm.

Breakfast was:


Tomato and mushroom omelette with red onion. Nice and speedy. Needed a good size breakfast as I knew I’d be busy today.

I also had some fruit.


Whilst out and about on my busy day I had 2 Alpen light bars (first HeB) to busy to picture. I did really well not to give in and buy something possibly syn full. Which is why I took the Alpen so I had something.

I finally got time for lunch.


I had 60g wholemeal bread (2nd HeB) with flora light (2 syns) lettuce, tomato and cucumber (speed) and Quorn roast chicken slices and Quorn smoky ham slices.

Dinner was later due to late lunch.


8 Quorn hot and spice chick ‘n’ bites. I was going to have 6 but it’s a pack of 8 and I was really hungry. So this was 8 syns. 2 syns for ketchup. Green beans for speed and Slimming World chips with 1st HeA 40g reduced fat cheese. My 2nd HeA was 250mls organic semi skimmed milk. The “chicken” was amazing tasted just like chicken the texture was like chicken and the hot and spicy coating was perfect. Will definitely have these again.

Ending today on 12 syns. Day 7 tomorrow then my posts will calm down lol.
Sarah x


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