Week 37! Of Slimming World. Plus day 4 of my vegetarian journey.

Well what a busy day!!

I went to weigh in this morning. I can’t believe I’ve been with Slimming World 37 weeks now. Ups and downs along the way but glad I’m sticking with it.

Group was really good. The consultant did a refresher session which really helped with that extra boost to do well. It was good to go over all this basics again. My weigh in result was + 3 1/2 lbs which I am really happy with as I have not been to any weigh ins, this is my christmas gain. I’ve been on plan since Friday and didn’t expect christmas gain to go over the weekend! But it is a new week now. I have a week to loose the gain, fingers crossed I can do it. But a loss is a loss.

So to my food intake today. I started off the day with a yummy filling breakfast.


Which kept me going upto and through weigh in. It was pepper and mushroom omelette with spinach.

Lunch once I was home from Slimming World was:


Lettuce, red onion, cucumber, celery, tomato, pepper and tofu salad with a dash of soya sauce, very yummy.

Lunch made me feel very hungry so I had half of my 1st HeB and alpen light bar, with an apple, clementine and banana.


But I still felt very hungry. So I had my other half of first HeB another alpen light bar and my second HeB: 35 pistachio nuts.


Before tea I had a snack of strawberries.


Then tea was Quorn spaghetti bolognese.


With 40g reduced fat cheese as my second HeA. Dinner was delicious. I am really enjoying my vegetarian lifestyle, it’s making me nice and full and happy.

I can’t wait till tomorrow. Day 5. Join me then.

Sarah x


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