Day 3 on my vegetarian journey.

Hello again. That time again to tell you all about my food today on my vegetarian journey.

Breakfast time! And as it is a Sunday I thought a fake kind of “fry up” would be the ticket.


So I had scrambled free range egg (free + part HeA) beans (free) tomato (speed) and Quorn sausages  (1 syn)


Followed by a clementine for an extra bit of speed.

After my lovely big breakfast when normal lunch time came I was only a little peckish, so I decide to have a snack instead.


I had both of my healthy extra B’s (HeB) 35 pistachio nuts for one HeB and 2 alpen light bars for the other HeB.

Lunch came late afternoon.


I had cous cous with pepper, spring onion and mushroom.

And finally dinner time came.



I had a stir fry using Quorn chicken pieces, which I still can’t get over how close they taste to real chicken. I had stir fry veg pack in it with mushroom, baby corn and green beans so nice and speedy. 1.5 syns for chilli sauce. Then I had quark with Cadbury highlights sachet topped with speedy strawberries. Not had this for so long. Really took me back to the old slimming world days. Really enjoyed it.

Day 3 has been great and I am looking foward to day 4. I’m really enjoying all the different foods. Tomorrow is weigh day at Slimming world aswell so wish me luck 👍

Sarah x


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