Day 2 of my vegetarian journey.

Hello again guys. Back again to tell you all about my food adventures today.

The day started with breakfast which was a bit of a nightmare.


The breakfast I served was 2 and 1/2 slices of wholemeal bread with 50g avacado (4.75 syns) mushroom and spinach. There was so much bread because it turns out, my husband couldn’t get our normal bread yesterday and got Kingsmill instead of our usual hovis. This meant the slices where much lighter than the slices I normally have so to reach 120g (2 HeB) required 4 and 1/2 slices! With hovis it only takes 3 slices or 1 crust and 1 normal slice to reach full HeB. So I served up 2 1/2 slices but couldn’t finish and only ended up eating 19g of bread. By this point I was well and truly sick of the sight of bread, so I send my husband out to purchase some Alpen Light bars, so I could try something different for HeB.

In the wait of my husband shopping came lunch and I discovered I could have 23 hazelnuts as a HeB and I had quite a few left over from christmas. So thinking on my feet I thought a nice salad with toasted hazelnuts would be just the ticket. This made up my second HeB.


I decided to go for a fruit and veg mixed salad, as I have always wanted to give it a try and what better time then when I have become vegetarian. Not only was it visually appealing it tasted amazing aswell. It was lettuce, spinach, orange, strawberries and peppers and the toasted hazelnuts sprinkled over.

Whist waiting between lunch and dinner I had some fruit.


Then my husband got home with the Alpen light


I had 1 chocolate and fudge Alpen light as the other half of my first HeB. Left over from the 19g of wholemeal bread I had.  So not quite a full HeB but near enough.

Dinner time next and this was definitely the best meal of the day! The salad was right behind it though, but this was gorgeous.


Slimming World’s Homity Pie. First ever time making it and it was amazing. So good in fact I had a bit more than 1/4 serving which I’m classing the extra serving as 3 syns, as it was 1/2 of a quarter. Loads of cauliflower and broccoli as had extra of that aswell! It really reminded me of fish pie just without the fish.

For those of you that don’t follow slimming world, here is the recipe incase you want to give it ago.




Well that’s all from me today. Be sure to check back.

Sarah x


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