Vegetarian journey. Day 1.

Good evening and Happy New Year!!

Today was the start of my new journey. My journey to becoming vegetarian. I am so glad I have finally ventured onto this journey that I have wanted for so long. I can’t wait to be the best version of me yet. No longer pumping my body with heaven knows what. Our body is the only one we will get. Let’s make it the temple it deserves to be.

Yesterday I went out shopping in preparation for the start of my journey and bought lots of yummy food!!


So I was definitely ready for today.

Today has been packed with lots of yummy, healthy food. Starting with breakfast:


Free range omelette with mushroom, spring onion and tomato served with spinach. It was really delicious!

Then came lunch:


120g wholemeal bread which was both my healthy extra B’s. With 3 syns of flora light. With lettuce, tomato and cucumber all of which are speed foods. I had some Quorn smoky ham with it aswell but I couldn’t taste it so I don’t know what it was like, either way I enjoyed my lunch though.

Then came dinner time which the cooking times took longer than stated so I had an apple and banana whilst I was waiting for it to cook.


Then dinner was finally ready but the top caught after having to turn the heat up to brown it off. Either way it was delicious and it was Slimming World’s Quorn moussaka.


Naturally us parents had the burnt bits as this was everyone’s first time having this meal, and didn’t want burnt bits to put the boys off from eating it. The moussaka was a big hit and it’s safe to say us adults had seconds! I will definitely be cooking this again!

My first day as a vegetarian has been really good. I’ve enjoyed colourful foods and tasty food that wasn’t packed full of rubbish. I am really looking forward to day 2!

Until next time.

Sarah x


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