Baby shopping!!!

Hi guys!

First off I hope you all had a brilliant christmas. It is new years eve so happy new year everyone.  Hope your having a great night, whatever it is your doing.  I hope we are all excited for 2016 I know I am! 2016 is one step closer to our baby being born 🙂

I just wanted to post all about the little shopping items we have accumulated over the last few days, we haven’t really bought anything till now.

But we purchased our moses basket which is one big thing off the list.



We also got a cute little outfit which cost less than £4 in the sale!



We got these items from Argos. The moses basket was less than £30 in the sale and the stand less than £15. link to the moses basket should you wish to check it out for yourself.

click here for the moses basket stand.

click here for the link to the outfit. I got a size 0-3 but they also do newborn size.

What else have I been purchasing?


I went to Tesco today and I got some unisex sleep suits for the baby. 3 for £3 in the sale. Unfortunately I can’t find an online link for these.


I also picked up a pack of 5 vest for £4 in the sale. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Click here if you would like some from online.


I also purchased my first pack of nappies for the baby. Me and my husband are going to buy a small pack of different brands, so we can try out different ones,  to see what is best for our babies needs. I am also hoping to purchase some reusable nappies to test so if anyone can point me in the right direction as to where to go please comment.

Well that’s it from me for today. But please come back soon. My next blog post will be all about my journey to becoming a vegetarian, which begins tomorrow!

Sarah x



  1. missbeckymuz · January 1, 2016

    You bought some lovely bits. I’m interested in cloth nappies too so is be interested to see what you find and think to them.


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