I have been thinking over things…

Hi guys!

Just a wee update in regards to my journey to becoming vegetarian, which will commence on the 1st January. As explained this is not a new years resolution, it is a new year and a new start!

I have been thinking and thinking over things and I really want this journey to be a success. So I have come to the conclusion of what I am exactly going to do with my journey to being vegetarian.

I have been easing myself into being vegetarian by having vegetarian meals, here and there. And I have decided I am going to go down the route of having milk, cheese, eggs, but the only thing I will not be having is fish as fish is still an animal that’s been killed for us to eat.

I believe allowing myself the eggs and dairy products (good quality though, preferably free range) will help this transition go more smoothly. I don’t want to do anything to drastic especially while pregnant.

I just wanted to update as to what I am going to do.

Until next time.

Sarah x


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