Back at Slimming World

Today I went back to Slimming World after a few weeks away. I was able to pick up from where I left, at the cost of 3 weeks (2 weeks back pay, 1 week for this week) which was great because all my history, has been saved which means I don’t need to redo the awards I’ve already achieved. Which also means I am on week 34 of slimming world, and not week 1 again.

Before I went to group I made sure to get some breakfast. Pregnancy hormones where craving rice krispies. But I also made sure to get my speed in aswell.



Going back to group was so good, had such a lovely welcome back. I also stayed for group. Something I never used to really do, but I will be doing this time, to ensure my success.

I got on the scales to be told I had achieved some awards!! And after much confusion I have finally worked out I’ve lost 3 lbs (I couldn’t tell whether it was a 3 or a 5 written)






As I’m sure you can imagine all this gave me so much drive to do well again. So I went food shopping to get some bits and bobs in. I came home and made myself some lunch.


This was not actually what I was going to have I did want avocado not beans, when shopping I fancied avacado and I thought it’s a vegetable it’s bound to be free or speed. I was very wrong, I searched it and it’s 9.5 syns for 100g of avacado! Absolutely shocking! So thinking on my feet I grabbed Some leftover beans from the fridge as to not sabotage myself.


I followed this by some persimmon. Never tried it and I have seen a lot online lately so I thought it was about time to try it, I am very glad I did as it is delicious.


Before tea I had some speedy apple. Really love my fruit at the moment.


I then went right back to basics for tea and had something I used to really love. Simple and yummy. Cous cous, mushroom, onion, carrot and tinned tuna.

I am now ending the day on 13 syns. It has been a very successful first day back on plan.

Please check back soon for some more Slimming World updates and also some more christmas themes will be here soon.

Until next time.

Sarah x


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