The real meaning of Christmas

Hi there guys i know i have already posted today, but as said in my last blog I would be back with other blogs, including children’s Christmas events. When better to update you than now, after going to my son Dylan’s Christingle Church service at his school’s church.

As a Christian it is important for me to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas. Of course I like to make Christmas all about my children, but it is important not to forget that Christmas is about Christ. I like to get them involved in as many church events as I can.

So today we went to a lovely Christingle service, where Dylan and Joshua learnt about the meaning of the Christingle and then they made the Christingle.


I think they did amazing

All the children then sat in a half circle with their Christingles. The light was lit and we all sang “Away in a manger” it was really beautiful in the dark with only God’s light shining.


The boys lit Christingles

Dylan and Joshua really enjoyed making and learning about the Christingles. I enjoyed that they were learning more about Christ and Christmas. We will be going to some more services before Christmas aswell. Not only that Dylan will be in his first nativity play next week. So lots to look forward to!

Check back for more Christmas updates soon!

Sarah x


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