Christmas is coming!!

So the countdown to christmas is well and truly on its way! And as a mother of two, it is extremely important to me that it is all about the children.

This starts right from the beginning with the decorating of the house. This is where we let our children, Dylan 4 and Joshua 3, let out their creative flare!


Joshua adding his personal touches


And Dylan doing a fab job

It’s not about having the perfect Christmas tree. It’s about the time, effort and love that went into it .

We put our decorations up on the 22nd November, a week ahead of schedule! The children and my husband were repeatedly singing christmas songs, and I said if anyone was to sing a christmas song again, the decorations would be going up. Safe to say another christmas song was echoed through the house, so the decorations went up!

And of course everything was set and ready for advent and of course, advent calendars and advent tree.


Tucking into frozen and Peppa pig advent calendars


Stretching for the first chocolate!

The  children have really enjoyed doing their advent calendars and tree, they both get really excited every day to do them.

Please check back soon where I will be talking more about making christmas all about the children. Including children events, christmas crafts and more.

Sarah x


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