Change is coming…

Hi guys didn’t want to post about this until I had my mind set exactly on what I was going to do.

Firstly a disclaimer. I will be talking about becoming a vegetarian/vegan in this post which if this is something you don’t follow or agree with, then this blog post is not for you. I’m not here to preach in anyway so if you don’t agree then it’s probably best clicking off here 🙂

For many many years I have wanted to be a vegan. For some reason I always put it off and off and just, didn’t do it. I don’t know the logic behind why I never did. But it has always been something that has stuck with me. It’s like a voice that says well why not just do it, you don’t agree with the way gods creatures are slaughtered, you love animals, you don’t actually wanna eat animals, but you do so, more out of convenience, so why not just stop? And this has really been going round in my head a lot the last few days. And I have come to a decision.

As spoken about in my last blog post I am pregnant. I don’t wanna do a drastic lifestyle change while pregnant, as I need to make sure I’m going to be getting all the right nutrition for my child to grow. So I have decided becoming vegan will be my ultimate goal, but to begin with I am going to become vegetarian, mainly while I am pregnant. Once I have had my baby I can then work towards, my vegan goal because I will not have a child developing inside me, so it gives me more ground to find the right nutritional balance.

When I say vegetarian I will break it down though. And in no offence to any other vegetarians at all but I believe for me personally it’s not right for me to eat fish because they were still a living creature that has been killed for me to eat which I can’t morally justify. I am in no way saying this is the case for others that’s just how I personally feel for myself.  What others eat and don’t eat is upto them and I would never force my views, or say my views are right for someone else. It’s just what feels right for me. So I will basically be having milk and eggs for now while pregnant but with the exception of searching out the best quality, free rooming cows for milk is what I’m hoping to find and eggs from free roaming chickens. I don’t know if this is possible I need to do some research but that is what I am hoping. If I can’t do that then the plan will be just milk, purely from a nutrition and pregnancy heartburn symptom point of view.

Anyway when will all this start? And don’t take this as some new years resolution because that’s not what it is. But 1st of January is when this journey will begin. It’s a new year, it’s time to start a fresh, and when better to embark on a new journey than a new year, where you can leave the old animal eating year behind. I am going to be trying to fill myself with as much knowledge as possible as this will be, a complete learning curve for me. If you are vegetarian or vegan and have any tips please feel free to share. 

Finally I really hope you will join me on my new journey. The countdown is on.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time.
Sarah x


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