Slimming World start of week 19!

Hello everyone. Today marks the start of week 19 at Slimming World for me. I went to weigh in today. Again I am in shock!

Last week I had 2 days off plan. I had Wednesday when I had a tattoo, which resulted in me needing sugar, as tattoos make me lack in energy and sugar always helps me feel better.

After an off plan afternoon Wednesday I decided I would try and have an on plan low syn week for the rest of the week.

Sunday came though and I went out for a family picnic, which resulted in an off plan day again. But I decided what will be will be come weigh in today. We all need time to be human. To enjoy days out without restriction.

Imagine my shock then when I get to weigh in today and I loose 3lbs!!

Not only that I got my silver body magic award this week! After completing it last Monday after weigh in.




I am now just 1 and a half pounds away from my 1 and a half stone award. Fingers crossed I will reach it next week 🙂


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