Slimming World week 18

Hello everyone. Not updated you on my progress for a while now, so today’s post is an update of where I am up to.

On the 22nd June I had my first ever gain of 5lbs. The week before I stopped smoking and I went fully off plan, so I expected a gain!

Then the week after on the 29th June I lost 4.5 lbs after being back on plan.

A week later on the 6th July I lost 0.5 lbs. This resulted in me fully loosing the 5 lb I had gained. Yay!!

Then on the 27th July after being off plan for a few weeks due to life events and loosing motivation, I put on 4lbs. Then it got strange! It was my birthday on the 28th July so naturally I was off plan. Few days later I took my family on a mini holiday and naturally was off plan. I then went to weigh in on the 10th August and lost 3 lbs! What the heck!!!

Then more birthday’s came along… I went to a weigh in on the 17th August and maintained. Again what the heck! I expected a gain.

Then today the 24th August I lost 2.5 lbs!! Last week I’d been really good all week. Syns were either under or low all week. So when it came to another birthday party on Saturday, I got away with eating bits of party food. Then yesterday I had an off plan day. But because my syns have been low all week it equaled out. I’ve started the day right with lovely quark pancakes (recipe in previous blog)

And lastly a selfie from this chuffed girl 🙂



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