Roasted butternut squash soup


The ingredients I used were:
× 1 butternut squash
× 3 medium sweet potatoes
× Frylight
× Carrot
× 2 red onion
× 2 Knorr vegetable stock pots
× Mixed herbs


× Turn the oven to the highest heat.
× Grease an oven pan generously with Frylight.
× Peel the butternut squash, then chop into medium pieces, and place onto the pan.


× Peel the sweet potato and chop into medium pieces.
× Add the sweet potato to the oven pan.
× Generously spray the butternut squash and sweet potato in Frylight.


× Place into the oven, until the butternut squash and sweet potato, soften and begin to brown.
× While this cooks chop up some carrots. I used a good handful of carrot sticks, and chopped into squares. You could also use 2-3 whole carrots.
× Roughly chop 2 red onions. You could also use white onions.
× Add these to a pot, spray with Frylight and sweat them down.


× Make up the Knorr vegetable stock pots. I made each up to 500mls.
× Once the butternut squash and sweet potato have reached soft and browning, remove them from the oven, and transfer them to the pot.


× Pour over the vegetable stock, add the mixed herbs or fresh herbs if you desire and gently heat on a medium heat.


× Once all the vegetables are soft, remove from the heat and blend.


× Finally serve up. Season to taste. Sit back and enjoy. 



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