My final geisha wigs review


Apologies for my delay in posting for a while!

If you are a fellow geisha wigs customer you will know that geisha wigs are closing.

So this will be my last ever wig review as unfortunately there isn’t much left for sale on the site now. But make sure you check it out in case there is anything you fancy! Once it’s gone it’s gone 😥


Here we have black berries she was the other wig I choose when I won the share to win.

She is black with a fringe with a pink/purple ombrè. It is a beautiful colour.  Very soft like all my geisha wigs. Just the perfect amount of curls. Very realistic as are all of geisha wigs.


Now that geisha wigs is sadly closing I will cherish her and all my others. I will still love my geisha wigs and still wear my geisha wigs. But unfortunately my wig buying days will dye out with the closing of the company, firstly it doesn’t feel right to shop with someone else, secondly geisha wigs was the only company I’d found that I felt comfortable ordering from. 

Thank you geisha wigs for all my beautiful hair  I will miss you.


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