Mermaid wigs (originally geisha wigs) waterbaby

A while ago mermaid wigs was running a share to win for, a watermelon coloured lacefront. I won the share to win!!!

But the wig I’d won was no longer in stock and the lovely owner of mermaid wigs allowed me to choose something else of the same cost. So I chose two normal wigs.

The first being waterbaby.


It’s a beautiful blue and VERY long. I’m 5″5 and it falls down near my hips! Which I didn’t realise so I need to get used to it, never had hair that long before, so I need to learn to manage it.

When it arrived it had curls, defined curling wand type curls. Unfortunately they didn’t last long, because of my children, nothing to do with the wig. I let them play around with my wigs.

After a long time of removing the tangles and straightening it I put the wig in two plaits to get some curls back, it worked quite well, the above photo is with new curls.

As always, fantastic service from mermaid wigs, great communication, fast delivery. Always happy with this company


This is how it arrived. Adore this wig so much. Great colour great lengths.


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