Week 8 delayed post

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have not posted lately!

So on Monday I went to slimming world and I was convinced I had put on, because the week before I had eaten to plan and exercised but had maintained. All last week I had treat days because we had been out and I’d eaten out so I was convinced I was going to step on the scales and be told I’d put on.

But to my surprise I got on the scales and I had lost 2.5lbs!


Which ment I finally achieved my 1 stone award. Which I am thrilled with!



So I now have my half stone and stone award. Which I just can’t believe already!!

Despite this fantastic news though I am convinced it will be a put on this coming Monday. But I won’t be disappointed because on Monday just gone I finally did another health goal I’ve been wanting to do for ages and I stopped smoking, completely cold turkey. This has resulted in me being off plan for the first half of this week. But now the cravings have gone down I’m trying to get fully on plan again, starting with my breakfast today


HeB porridge oats made with some of the HeA semi skimmed milk topped with Apple and banana 😁

Hopefully if I have the rest of the week to plan the weight gain won’t be as much as it could have been.


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