Kicking myself up the bum !!!

Today my encouragement to stick to the Slimming World plan has been at its lowest since joining. All I’ve wanted is rubbish!

I don’t think it is helping the fact that there’s lots of cupcakes in the house, because I have been baking with my children the last couple of days, because of half term. I even cheekily had one earlier today, which I still need to syn!

Other than the cupcake I need to syn so far I have had flora light spread (1syns) benefit light cereal bar (3 syns) (already had HeB) and 3tsps options hot chocolate powder (2 syns)

So other than the cupcake I have managed to be good in the end. It came to evening meal and I had my new favourite meal, Slimming World sweet potato curry and rice (which I have previously blogged about) 


I then told myself I need to snap out of wanting rubbish, I will not get to where I want to be if I give in, not only that how disappointed would I be if I step on the scales on Monday and discover I’ve put on, especially since I’m only 1.5lbs from a stone.

So I decided I would make my quark with options hot chocolate and strawberries “pudding” to shut my sweet tooth right up!!


Remember guys just like I have you too can find a way around these “cravings” we all naturally get. It is whether you’re heart and mind is strong enough to say no to the bad and yes to an alternative. I could have easily ate the full plate of cakes I have in my kitchen, instead I’ve had one, felt bad about it, moved on from it and had an alternative later when the want for cakes and rubbish was back. YOU CAN DO IT TO!!

Remember it must start in our hearts then it can travel to our minds.

Until next time thanks you for reading

Sarah x


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