Slimming World week 6!!!

Hello, today starts day 1 of week 6 at Slimming World.

The nervous anticipation of the scales called again. This week I was more nervous than usual, as I was convinced I had gained weight, as I had a heavy syn night on Saturday night on a girlie night out with my sister.


The night kicked off with a sex on the beach cocktail! I have not drunk in ages! And I had decided I was going to treat myself and have a normal night out without restriction.


I then had a lush mixed grill, I have not had one of these in forever!


Followed by chocolate fudge cake and ice cream, I have been craving chocolate cake for a while now!


I then went to bingo and had 2 pints of fosters. And I regretted nothing because it’s nice to let you’re hair down and not worry about, what’s going to be free and what’s going to be syned.

So I really thought I was going to get on the scales today and see a gain.

Imagine my elation when I was told I’d lost 3lbs!! I was not expecting that.

I am now 12.5lbs down with just 1.5lb to loose to achieve my 1 stone award. I am hoping this will be achieved next week!

Wish me lucky guys, and don’t forget it must start in our hearts then it can travel to our minds, and any loss is a loss towards the bigger goal!

Until next time, thank you for reading.


One comment

  1. zebrakat · December 23, 2015

    Maybe a cocktail and bingo should be on the cards every week lol 😄


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