Slimming World week 5

Hello, today was the start of week 5 at Slimming World. It was also weigh in day. Due to another bank holiday it was just a drop in weigh in session.

I went today hoping and praying that I’d lost at least half a pound, as that is all I needed to achieve my first award.

Last week I was half a pound off getting my half a stone award, so I was really hoping I’d got it this time.

So imagine my shock when I stepped on the scales and was told I’d lost… 3LBS!!!!


I finally did it and achieved my half stone award. I am absolutely thrilled with myself. I then get told I’m now only 4 and a 1/2 lbs away from my stone award! I have lost 9 and a 1/2 lbs in my time at Slimming World.

My sights are now set on getting that stone award next week! I would really love to loose 4 and a 1/2 lbs this week and have that award. BUT BUT BUT!!! If I don’t achieve it next week I will not be disappointed because I always say 1/2 a lb to 1 lb is still 1/2 lb to a lb closer to where I want to be!

If you’re on a weight loss journey and a journey to health like myself, stay strong, have faith and most importantly believe in yourself. First it must start in our heart then travel to our minds. Self belief is the first step to becoming a better you.

Until next time thanks for reading 😘



  1. transatlanticsisterhood · May 26, 2015

    Well done! This is such an awesome achievement! I keep bouncing around between half a stone to 8.5 lb lost * sigh * once exams are over though *side-eyes the junk stressed food*


    • transformingsarah · May 26, 2015

      Awww bless you hun, loosing weight and exams mixed together can be a tricky one but you will get There!! I’ve found replacing junk stuff for substitutes that taste simular/ fixed the crave really help x


  2. zebrakat · December 23, 2015

    Well done 😄


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