Slimming World super scrummy ready meal!!

Hello guys today I will be sharing with you, all about the Slimming World meatballs and pasta ready meal.


Before Slimming World I never bought ready meals, it was mainly home cooked or oven food I ate. Because I’m trying to stick to my Slimming World plan, I thought I would start to give them a go.

This is the meatballs and pasta ready meal, it is £3 and exclusive to Iceland. You have an option to either microwave or oven cook, I was feeling lazy tonight so I opted for the microwave.


Here it is cooked and I served it with, lettuce, red pepper, radish, cucumber and tomatoe.

I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of flavour running through it all. The meatballs were succulent and flavoursome. I am surprised it was served with white pasta, I personally think it would have been healthier with brown pasta, but it was still very delicious.



  1. lexilife · May 21, 2015

    Whats the cal count? it really looks delicious!! Always a sucker for pasta 🙂 x


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