Slimming World week 1

Hello there everyone, sorry about my delay in posting! A few days ago I wrote about my new journey, joining slimming world. Week one has been great! I don’t feel starved, I get to feel as full as I like, by just eating the right things. This week I haven’t actually used any syns except for day one when I had already eaten syns before joining, without knowing. If you are not a fellow slimming world member then you’re probably thinking, what the heck is syns? They are basically just a value that you give to guilty pleasure foods, also they have to be weighed. You’re aloud 5-15 syns a day and you can have you’re favourite guilty pleasures without the guilt, given that you stay in the daily syns amount.

The first day was confusing as to what I can have but I soon got to grips with the plan. I have really been enjoying all this yummy food. I have even been leaving my plate with food on as I’m to full to finish.

So tomorrow is the start of week two and it is also weigh in day! Wish me luck! And while I wait for weigh in here is a few ideas of what I’ve been eating.






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