Slimming World

Hello everyone. Apologises in my delay to post. I was going to write up about this yesterday, but unfortunately I was ill last night. I have a rare brain illness, and without regular food and regular pain relief, I get quite ill from the pain in my head. And I become extremely tired. It sucks!

Anyway I joined Slimming world yesterday. Yay!! I am all about body positivity and loving yourself, which I am embracing, and trying to love myself. But I also want to be a healthy role model for my lively children and at 3 and 4 years old, I need to be as healthy as possible so I can keep up with them.


So I signed up an received my Slimming world plan. I then stayed for my first group meeting, and it was absolutely fantastic. I normally get so anxious going to new places on my own, but everyone was so welcoming. The consultant was lovely and very friendly, and knowing that she had been where I am today made me feel more at ease. I looked upon her and thought well if she can do it then so can I, and straight away I felt very optimistic about this new journey.

I will definitely keep going! all the members there are supportive and everyone congratulates you’re weight losses. Moving on I got home and tried to get to grips with the plan. Later I went out and bought lots of food goodies. Like I said at beginning of this post though I was quiet ill last night and that was because it took me a while, to work out what foods where okay so I didn’t eat for a long time, then with shopping I took my pain relief to late so I ended up quite ill.

BUT today is a new day, I have now got to grips with the plan and know what I need to do.


Today is my first full day on the Slimming world plan, as yesterday was half a day because I didn’t finish the session till 1PM, but I still logged everything. It is going well now that I know what to do. Here pictured is my gorgeous breakfast. Onion, peppers and mushroom omelette, with spinach on the side.

Thank you for reading, I will keep you posted on my journey!


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