So I have previously posted about this topic in other social media: Instagram, Facebook. So I thought it was high time I blogged about it.

So you must have seen the comments in the news made by Jamelia, and I cannot believe her statements.

“Plus sized clothes should be band because it promotes an unhealthy image to teenagers.” What and the current situation when underweight models are used doesn’t that promote an unhealthy image? that is more dangerous to teenagers as they’re more likely to get an eating disorder if they are trying to be like these underweight models.

Plus size fashion isn’t about people trying to normalise obesity, it’s about promoting self confidence and about loving yourself and darn plus sized girls deserve to be able to go out and buy the same pretty things as that of a size 10. Just because we are overweight does that mean we have just sit in slobby clothes? No! It’s idiots like this that really annoy me because she clearly doesn’t understand! No one would promote obesity. But I don’t know about others but I’d much rather be overweight and confident, then overweight and hating myself and not going anywhere, because someone might call you in the street. It’s about changing ones mind set and being who you want to Be!!

And might I add I’m not trying to body shame anyone I think every person is beautiful big or small. But the point I’m trying to get across is, an underweight image is more dangerous to teenagers than an overweight image. And might I also add this is just my personal opinion.


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