My fourth beauty from geisha wigs wood witch


Here is wood witch she is a split colored wig one side is a lovely grey colour, which might I add is a very in colour at the moment and the other side is like a dark grey with brown tones. At the top sides of the wig she is crimped which gives perfect volume. This crimping continues down the back of the hair which stops at lower neck level. You then have the two curled bits at the side. She also comes with optional crimped hair clip ins for extra volume. I had been lusting over her for such a long time. Wondering will she really suit me. But my gosh am I glad I got her


Here she is with the optional clip ins so as you can see she’s has lots of lovely volume


And an individual photo of her without clip ins. She’s just lovely and I will add aswell I have washed her aired her off and brushed her out and she’s still as good as when I purchased her, hasn’t lost any crimping or curls or volume


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