Come on!

Ugh! I need to dedicate myself to Slimming World again. I’ve still not gone back to group or been on plan and I need to get back to it!

Right now I hate the skin I’m in. I need to use this to dedicate myself.

I can do this I know I can.

Come on Sarah time to crack on!



Hi guys!

So I’ve not posted in sometime now I know! So what’s new with me?

Well I had another baby 4 weeks ago. Baby Willow. We kept her a complete surprise from everyone but family, and it was soooo nice having this secret and no one mithering. No one even had a clue! That wasn’t the only surprise either. Having a girl was a huge surprise to use as with this pregnancy we did know what we was having. 20 week scan they couldn’t see as baby would not open their legs, then I went back at 23 weeks as they couldn’t get the spine measurements and that time the umbilical cord was in the way. It was so beautiful to have a surprise baby. What was more beautiful was my husband being able to tell me we have a baby girl.

Our family is now complete. 2 boys and 2 girls.

Okay so what else is new well I’ve had quite a few months off slimming world and I’ve been given the okay to go back so tomorrow I am getting back on plan and Wednesday I am going back to group.

I put on 1 stone 8lbs with this pregnancy. I lost it all within firs few days but my diet had been shocking since birth. Lots of unhealthy snacking. I have put on a bit more weight. How much I now weigh in will find out tomorrow. All I know is I am so happy to be going back though. Really unhappy with my body atm. I am nowhere near my highest recorded weight but I am still not happy.

Time to smash this.

Wish me luck.

Sarah x

Time to pick myself up and get this done!

Hi guys sorry for not posting for a while.

Admittedly I’ve had a terrible time of slimming world since April. My head has not been in it at all. I’ve been so up and down. Loose, gain cycle. 

Today I had a very unexpected 2lb loss. I didn’t deserve it! I had already decided this week I was going to do it! But that loss really spurred me on to do well this week.

The plan?

Well I have meal planned every meal, something of which I never do! I normally only plan evening meals but I’ve planned breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of this week. Every day in my journal is already filled out so all I have to write down is syns and some Healthy Extras. 

I also plan to have all of or upto my 15 syns a day. In the hope I feel fuller and not deprived. 

This week I am determined I can’t keep up this loose gain cycle anymore!

Wish me luck!

Sarah x

Getting my head back in it!

Today marks my first day back on plan for nearly 2 weeks!

And my goodness do I need to…

Yesterday I went to weigh in and bare in mind that I missed the week before weigh in, I put on 9.5lbs 😦

So today it had to be a well and truly get your bum back on plan!

I can feel the extra weight on me 😦 I can see the extra weight aswell.

I was 6lbs away from my 5 stone award. Now I’m back below 4 stone loss. Gutted!

Need to work hard this week now. Get some of it off!

Wish me luck

Slimming World friendly coleslaw

Hi guys today I thought I’d bring you the recipe for the coleslaw I uploaded on my Instagram. It’s super easy and super tasty! 

You will need:

  • 500g fat free greek style yoghurt.
  • X1 small cucumber.
  • X2 tbsp of sweetener.
  • X2 tsp of mint sauce.
  • X2 carrots.
  • X1 onion.
  • Half a white cabbage.
  • A box grater or food processor  (I used a grater)
  • A big mixing bowl.
  • A spoon.
  • Measuring spoons.


  1. Empty your Greek yoghurt into the bowl.
  2. Grate the cucumber into the yoghurt.
  3. Add x2 tbsp of sweetener, and X2 tsp of mint sauce and give it all a good mix.
  4. Then grate your onion, carrots and white cabbage and add them to the bowl.
  5. Then leave it for a while in th fridge so the yoghurt can absorb the flavour. I left mine about 15 minutes in the fridge, whilst I made the rest of my lunch.
  6. Finally sit back and enjoy.


Due to the change in syn value sweetener per table spoon is syned. The sweetener and mint sauce in the recipe equal 1.5 syns. But this recipe makes a big amount of coleslaw so it is syn free on a day to day basis. You could however make a note in your food diary for 1.5 syns if only you will be eating this so those syns are still counted. If this recipe is going to be divided between other people then it would be syn free. 

Oat cheerios cereal bars

Hi guys today I’m bringing you the gorgeous oat cheerios cereal bars. They are 4 syns for the whole lot, if you plan on eating them all and using the oat cheerios as your Healthy extra. Or 2 syns each when cut into 5. I went for the latter.

You will need:

  • 40g oat cheerios
  • 40g sainsbury’s no added sugar marshmallows  (or any other marshmallows of your choice, just make sure to check the syns!)
  • Fry light
  • Small tin
  • Boiling water
  • x2 tablespoons 


First start out by weighing 40g oat cheerios (which is 6 syns if you are doing the 2 syns each bar option like I did.)

Next step is to weigh out 40g of marshmallows which are 4 syns (remember to check syn value if you are using different marshmallows to those stated)

Next you need to melt the marshmallows in the microwave for 20 second’s.

Then you need to grease your tin with fry light and rub it in.

Using your spoons and hot water you now need to mix your cheerios and marshmallows together and transfer them to the tin.

Set them aside in the fridge to set a little. Then cut them into 5 making them 2 syns each when not using as a healthy extra.